Once upon a time, there was a brand strategist named Lola who worked in the African market. She thought that her job was all about creativity and coming up with great ideas for her clients.

However, Lola soon realized that there was much more to being a successful brand strategist in Africa. She had to understand her team and clients’ different personalities and work styles to effectively communicate and lead them.

Lola also learned that being a leader was not just about barking orders but earning respect through behavior and actions. She had to check her ego at the door and listen more than she talked.

Most importantly, Lola discovered that guessing in marketing could lead to failure. She had to test and study strategies, remain alert to potential pitfalls, and investigate problems thoroughly to uncover their root causes.

Through her journey, Lola embraced tension and held her team and clients accountable for their actions, resulting in positive change and growth for their brands.

Lola’s story serves as a reminder that being a brand strategist in Africa requires more than just creativity. It requires understanding and empathy, careful planning, and hard work.

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